2024 Innovate4Cities Conference #I4C24

Co-hosted by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) and UN-Habitat, the 2024 Innovate4Cities Conference is convening leaders from academia, government, civil society, and industry to bridge the gap between city climate ambition and tangible action. Join us online and in Montreal, Canada, September 10-12, 2024.

About the Conference

Building on the success of the previous Innovate4Cities conferences, the 2024 edition is geared towards contributing valuable insights and best practices to shape global climate policies and advance collaborative solutions, as we navigate the climate challenges of today and tomorrow.

Key highlights and outcomes

  • Shape the global discourse on climate change and cities through sharing regionally-grounded knowledge – regardless of the language
  • Participate in creative discussions and exchange views on challenges, solutions, and pathways forward.
  • Understand the latest scientific climate research
  • Connect with experts across sectors and progress on innovative cross-sector solutions that address critical sustainability gaps
  • Contribute to the body of work shaping climate processes including informing the upcoming IPCC Special Report on Climate Change & Cities
  • Help update City Research and Innovation Agenda GRAA/CRIA
  • Interact with new and familiar faces within the Innovate4Cities community


  • Biodiversity & Resilience: Cities play a key role in preserving biodiversity, which can enhance resilience through integrated climate action. One of the Innovate4Cities conference’s priorities is advancing understanding of nature-based infrastructure projects and strengthening synergies between local climate initiatives and global biodiversity agreements like the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and IPCC-IPBES report.
  • Digitalization: With the advancement of digitalization and AI, cities can now access institutional data analysis tools allowing rapid interpretation of information. The 2024 Innovate4Cities Conference will focus on understanding how digitalization impacts decision-making processes and its potential to transform systems, while also showcasing local efforts to drive digitalization for climate action.
  • Finance: Current financial management falls short in meeting the requirements for a sustainable future, hindering investment in local climate action initiatives. The 2024 Innovate4Cities Conference will focus on understanding existing financial gaps, showcasing projects with local-level approaches to finance municipal research, innovation, and interventions that support cities in their climate-resilient efforts.
  • Multi-level Governance and Partnerships: Without stronger coordination , urbanization, local practices, and consumption habits may continue in unsustainable patterns. The 2024 Innovate4Cities Conference will showcase the diverse types of knowledge and science needed for cross-sectoral and multilevel governmental collaborations, emphasizing interactions between government and business stakeholders to foster networked resilience across cities and advance transformative climate change responses.

2024 Innovate4Cities Conference Advisory Committee

Many talented individuals are actively contributing to making the 2024 Innovate4Cities Conference (I4C24) a key moment on the calendar for sustainable urban development. This includes the Conference Advisory Committee, comprising influential voices from academia, business, and civil society.

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